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Rainbow Valley Shop

Temporary Opening Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday
10am to 1pm

Yarn Shop Day

Saturday November 14th, 2020

On Saturday 14th November a national event to celebrate bricks-and-mortar yarn shops returns for a seventh year and Rainbow Valley is joining in the fun.

The event is usually held in May but, due to Covid19, had to be postponed. The November event is going to be a little different to usual as safety regulations prohibit us from filling the shop with people. Instead,the event will be spread out over a week and held mostly onlinebut there will be some free patterns and special offers available in the shop.

Facebook YSD Shopping Spree

The Facebook YSD Shopping Spree

This will run from Saturday November 14th at 10.00am to Saturday November 21st at 1.00pm

There will be exclusive special offers for a limited time.  Make sure that you visit the event page and mark yourself as "Going" to recieve news of the offers as they are released.

The Instagram Game

Instagram Game

Covid19 has been hard for small independent businesses, especially those with no online presence. Many have been forced to close their doors forever.  Your LYS is no different. Although people have turned to crafts during this stressful time, it has been the bigger, online suppliers who have benefitted.  Now is the time to turn that around.

We have a fun Instagram game which will run throughout November.  Take photos of your LYS and promote it online following a series of prompts, one for each day in November.

Not every day is LYS related and you do not have to do them all but it is fun, if a little challenging, to find something prompt related to post each day.

The game is hosted by Rainbow Valley, Unravel & Unwind and Vera & Bess with the support of Lets Knit.

To join in, follow uson Instagram to watch out for the information which will be released during October.

Meet the Designers

Meet the Designers

We plan to host online chat sessions with each of the designers who will be at the shop. The schedule for this will be released as soon as it is finalised.

Helen Free, designer and textile artist.

And, of course, I will be there with Fluffy Puppy.

Vera and Bess

Faye Lamb

Faye Lamb
from Unravel & Unwind

Unravel & Unwind

Vicky Gorry

Vicky Gorry
from Vera and Bess

Vera and Bess

Cassie Ward

Cassie Ward
from The Missing Yarn

The Missing Yarn

Exclusive Free Patterns

Exclusive Patterns

Gorgeous FREE patterns will be available on the day. They will also be available by email.

Bobbin the dog

Purl the cat