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Learn Tunisian Crochet

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Each row of Tunisian Crochet is worked in two parts.   The “Forward Pass” pulls up loops and leaves them on the hook, the “Return Pass” works the loops off the hook until one remains.

As you work, you will go back and forth on your work and never turn.  The right side of your work is always facing you.  Try to work loosely if possible.

Tunisian Crochet traditional hook

A traditional Tunisian hook is long, like a knitting needle, with a hook instead of a point on one end.

Tunisian Crochet modern hook

Modern hooks are shorter with a wire (usually nylon) attached. Most crocheters find these easier to use as the hooks are a similar length to those that they are used to and, when making a large piece, the weight rests on your lap rather than on your wrist.

For the tutorial I have used a 5mm hook and DK yarn.


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