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Crochet Techniques

Loop Stitch

This method of making a loop stitch is slightly different to the traditional way.
It makes a nice firm loop which can be cut if required and won't pull out.

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Loop Stitch step 1


1. The sample I am using is dc made with DK yarn and a 4.00mm hook.

Loop Stitch step 2


2. Insert the hook into the next dc.

Loop Stitch how to step 3


3. Catch the yarn both behind and in front of your finger.

Loop Stitch step 4


4. And pull both strands through the dc, leaving a loop over your finger.

Loop Stitch how to step 5


5. Drop the loop from your finger and replace the yarn back over it.

Loop Stitch step 6


6. Finish off the dc as you would normally.

Loop Stitch step 7


7. You will find the loops all fall to the back of the stitch.