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Super & Mega Chunky

JCB Amazon Super Chunky

Big yarn, little price.

It's easy to justify a giant project with James C Brett Amazon Super Chunky.  Available in a lovely selection of nature-inspired colours, Amazon is a superb mix of acrylic and wool, making this yarn both incredibly warm and easy to care for - perfect for all your Autumn/Winter makes! Picking the right yarn is a big decision - let Amazon make it a little easier for you.

Super ChunkySuper : 100g : 81 metres : 10mm : 20% Wool/80% Acrylic

Amazon Super Chunky Cream Amazon Super Chunky Red Amazon Super Chunky Teal Amazon Super Chunky Denim Amazon Super Chunky Silver Amazon Super Chunky Heather Amazon Super Chunky Petrol Amazon Super Chunky Koala

Humbug Jacob

A blend of Jacob natural colours

Humbug Super Chunky yarns are a stripey blend of natural colours from a single breed to bring you a humbug effect finish.

Super Chunky 1/1.5nm : 200g/130m approx : 10-12mm : 7 wpi


The original T-shirt yarn

Zpagetti is made from fashion leftoversand perfect for crafting home decor!

Ca. 700 gram / Ca. 120 metres / 10-12 mm