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Double Knitting Yarns

Scheepjes Softfun Minis Colour Packs

Exploding with colour!

The Scheepjes Softfun Minis Colour Packs each contain 12 adorable 20g 'Cutie Pie' balls in a colour palette of carefully selected Softfun colours!  With just one Softfun Minis Colour Pack, easily create smaller colourful or Fair Isle projects or combine several Colour Packs to create a Granny Square blanket.

The Softfun Minis Colour Packs are available in 5 colour combinations: Pastel, Jewel, Rich, Cloud, and Rainbow.

Scheepjes Softfun Pastel Scheepjes Softfun Jewel Scheepjes Softfun Rich Scheepjes Softfun Cloud Scheepjes Softfun Rainbow

*New* Rainbow Pack

Crochet your own rainbow with this colour cordinated pack

Available in 3 different yarn types and includes a free Rainbow pattern.
James C Brett Crafter DK – 7 x 50g balls
Patons 100% Cotton DK – 7 x 100g balls
Cygnet Little Ones DK – 7 x 25g balls

Free Rainbow crochet pattern DK Rainbow pack Patons 100% Cotton DK Rainbow pack Little Ones Rainbow pack

Retwisst Chainy Cotton Cake

A lightweight craft yarn which is made of new recycled fibres.

Chainy Cotton Cake contains 100% recycled fibres and it is 100% ecofriendly yarn without any chemical dying process. Every combination is unique and made of 5 different colours. Chainy Cotton Cake is suitable for a lot of crochet and knitting projects. You can design beautiful home decoration items like rugs, pillow covers, runners and blankets. It is also a perfect yarn for creating you own fashion style by making jewellry, bags and scarves.

Double Knitting : 80% Cotton / 20% Polyester : 250g ball : approx 250m : 2mm-4mm : Hand Wash Only

Rewtisst Chainy Cotton Cake Rewtisst Chainy Cotton Cake Rewtisst Chainy Cotton Cake Rewtisst Chainy Cotton Cake

James C Brett Northern Lights

A natural phenomena in your own home.

Northern Lights is available in a kaleidoscope of colour with light flashes of white tweed flecks to add a little more texture. A sturdy mix of acrylic and viscose, Northern Lights is perfect for everyday garments with a bit of natural flair!

Please note that each cake of yarn within a single range may not be wound from the same point within the yarn's colour change sequence. This means that the yarn cakes may differ in their appearance, as a different section of the colour sequence may be showing on the outside of the cake.

Double Knitting : 5% Viscose / 95% Acrylic : 150g ball : approx 450m : 4mm : Hand Wash Only

James C Brett Northern Lights James C Brett Northern Lights James C Brett Northern Lights James C Brett Northern Lights James C Brett Northern Lights James C Brett Northern Lights James C Brett Northern Lights James C Brett Northern Lights James C Brett Northern Lights

James C Brett Crafter DK

The little ball with big possibilities!

Spun from 100% premium acrylic, this versatile yarn is available in handy 50g balls. With a palette of 20 vibrant shades to choose from, the craft project possibilties with this fun yarn really are endless!

Double Knitting : 100% acrylic : 50g ball : approx 150m : 4mm : Machine Washable

James C Brett Crafter DK James C Brett Crafter DK James C Brett Crafter DK James C Brett Crafter DK James C Brett Crafter DK James C Brett Crafter DK James C Brett Crafter DK James C Brett Crafter DK James C Brett Crafter DK James C Brett Crafter DK James C Brett Crafter DK James C Brett Crafter DK James C Brett Crafter DK James C Brett Crafter DK James C Brett Crafter DK James C Brett Crafter DK James C Brett Crafter DK James C Brett Crafter DK James C Brett Crafter DK James C Brett Crafter DK

James C Brett Top Value DK

Available in over 40 shades, James C Brett's Top Value DK is as popular for its versatility as it is for its great price.  Machine washable and safe to put in the tumble dryer, Top Value is perfect for blankets, jumpers, hats and anything else you can think of!  What's not to love?

Double Knitting : 100% acrylic : 100g ball : approx 300m : 4mm : Machine Washable

James C Brett Top Value DK Dark Brown James C Brett Top Value DK Beige James C Brett Top Value DK Parchment James C Brett Top Value DK Cream James C Brett Top Value DK Opal James C Brett Top Value DK Petrol James C Brett Top Value DK Soft Pink James C Brett Top Value DK Burnt Orange James C Brett Top Value DK Copper James C Brett Top Value DK Navy James C Brett Top Value DK Royal Blue James C Brett Top Value DK Baby Blue James C Brett Top Value DK Pink James C Brett Top Value DK Rose James C Brett Top Value DK Claret James C Brett Top Value DK Bright Red James C Brett Top Value DK White James C Brett Top Value DK Black James C Brett Top Value DK Lilac James C Brett Top Value DK Bright Orange James C Brett Top Value DK Light Grey

Cygnet Glittery DK

Cygnet Glittery DK is a super sparkly yarn.

RRP: 2.99   My Price: 2.70

Perfect for festive knits and fancy bits.  Create fabulously glittery garments, perfect party wear and baby knits with the added twinkle with this double knit range

DK : 99% Acrylic/1% Polyester : 100g : approx 282m/308yds : Machine Washable

Glittery DK White Ice Glittery DK Red Glittery DK Emerald Glittery DK Royal

Cygnet Little Ones

Little Ones DK are tiny balls of fun.

RRP: 0.85   My Price: 0.85   Sale: 0.65

Perfect for toy making, crafting, smaller projects and projects that need a touch of colour.  Available in 25 A to Z shades, these bright and pastel shades are perfect for any project in a 25g ball.

DK : 100% Acrylic : 25g : approx 66m/72yds : Machine Washable

Little Ones Apple 998 Little Ones Black 975 Little Ones Dark Brown Little Ones Easy Pink 974 Little Ones Future Royal 990 Little Ones Grey 978 Little Ones High Viz Yellow 972 Little Ones Kool Blue 785 Little Ones Lilac 986 Little Ones Mint 790 Little Ones New Barley 981 Little Ones Orange 995 Little Ones Pear 967 Little Ones Quiet Purple 984 Little Ones Red 994 Little Ones Shell 993 Little Ones Tropic 992 Little Ones Uber Cranberry 993 Little Ones White 999 Little Ones Xtra Candy 970 Little Ones Yellow 996 Little Ones Zesty Lemon 798

Cygnet Double Knitting

A beautiful, classic double knitting yarn, which has always been extremely popular.

This standard double knitting yarn is incredibly versatile and comes in an array of bright and subtle colours; perfect for any project.

DK : 100% Acrylic : 100g : approx 298m/326yds : Machine Washable

Burgundy DK Cranberry DK Red DK Cerise DK Fuschia DK Pink DK Vintage Rose DK Soft Coral DK Rust DK Sienna DK Coral DK Cream DK Buttercream DK Daffodil DK Sunshine DK Barley DK Kiwi DK Mint DK Apple DK Emerald DK Bottle DK Petrole DK Aqua DK Peppermint DK Saxe DK Steel Blue DK Denim DK Washed Denim DK Indigo DK Bluebell DK Mother of Pearl DK Regal DK Chocolate DK Mocha DK Harvest DK Chiffon DK Beige DK Stone DK White DK Lt Grey DK Grey Mix DK Charcoal DK Black Bright Yellow DK Bright Lime DK

Cygnet Pure Wool Superwash DK

A beautiful, machine washable 100% pure wool.

RRP: 2.75   My Price: 2.45   Sale: 1.95

Available in 25 beautiful shades, this yarn knits beautifully and wears well with a lovely handle.  Many pattern designers choose Pure Wool Superwash DK as their yarn of choice as it is so easy and versatile to work with.

Double Knitting : 100% Pure New Wool : 50g : approx 104m/114 yds : Machine Washable

Pure Wool Superwash DK Claret 592 Pure Wool Superwash DK Cranberry 298 Pure Wool Superwash DK Geranium 2185 Pure Wool Superwash DK Raspberry 2151 Pure Wool Superwash DK Rose PinkV2134 Pure Wool Superwash DK Copper 4888 Pure Wool Superwash DK Gold 2155 Pure Wool Superwash DK Peppermint 4212 Pure Wool Superwash DK Everglade 2817 Pure Wool Superwash DK Tartan Green 2150 Pure Wool Superwash DK Duck Egg 4323 Pure Wool Superwash DK Kingfisher 2837 Pure Wool Superwash DK Denim 2284 Pure Wool Superwash DK Bluebell 2156 Pure Wool Superwash DK Navy 2153 Pure Wool Superwash DK Lavender 233 Pure Wool Superwash DK Blueberry 2999 Pure Wool Superwash DK Vintage 155 Pure Wool Superwash DK Damson 4425 Pure Wool Superwash DK Cream 2195 Pure Wool Superwash DK Stone 4199 Pure Wool Superwash DK Mocha 972 Pure Wool Superwash DK White 208 Pure Wool Superwash DK Grey 198 Pure Wool Superwash DK Black 217

Cygnet Kiddies Kaleidoscope

A subtle, marbled colour variegation.

A beautiful way to create a fresh and pretty baby garment.  The yarn is soft to the touch and gives a distinct vintage feel to knitted baby clothing.  Recently revamped this yarn has a superior softness and luxurious handle perfect for little ones.

DK : 100% Acrylic : 100g : approx 292m/319yds : Machine Washable

Kaleidoscope 255 Dolly Mixture Kaleidoscope 257 Yorkshire Mix Kaleidoscope 259 Humbug Kaleidoscope 262 Sherbet Dip Kaleidoscope 263 Blue Ribbon Kaleidoscope 264 Strawberry Ripple Kaleidoscope 267 Rainbow Drops Kaleidoscope 269 Love Hearts

Cygnet Kiddies Supersoft DK

An incredibly soft and lightweight baby double knit yarn that creates beautifully smooth knits.

Kiddies Supersoft DK is easy care and will retain its quality through machine washing.

Double Knitting : 100% Acrylic : 100g ball : approx. 298m/326yds : 3.25mm-4mm : Machine Washable

Kiddies Supersoft DK White Kiddies Supersoft DK Soft Grey Kiddies Supersoft DK Cream Kiddies Supersoft DK Lemon Kiddies Supersoft DK Peach Kiddies Supersoft DK Candy Kiddies Supersoft DK Pink Kiddies Supersoft DK Lilac Kiddies Supersoft DK Cornflower Kiddies Supersoft DK Cloud Kiddies Supersoft DK Aqua Kiddies Supersoft DK Apple

Hoooked Soft Cotton DK

Sustainable yarns can be affordable! We have a great cotton budget yarn for you to knit or crochet with.  Hoooked Recycled DK cotton is made with respect for the environment and free of any additional dyes or toxic substances.  And best of all: very budget friendly!  This cotton yarn is super versatile and can be used for a variety of projects, such as amigurumi, summer tops, soft blankets, spring jumpers and baby items.  A perfect yarn for making soft textures in both crochet and knit.

50g : 85 metres : DK weight : 4mm : 80% recycled cotton/20% other recycled fibres : Machine washable

Hooked Soft Cotton Bordeaux Red Hooked Soft Cotton Naples Red Hooked Soft Cotton Valencia Pink Hooked Soft Cotton Jaipur Rose Hooked Soft Cotton Amsterdam Orange Hooked Soft Cotton Sevilla Peach Hooked Soft Cotton Riga Yellow Hooked Soft Cotton Malaga Sun Hooked Soft Cotton Sienna Ocre Hooked Soft Cotton Lima Mustard Hooked Soft Cotton Marseille Mint Hooked Soft Cotton Singapore Green Hooked Soft Cotton Seattle Jade Hooked Soft Cotton Paramaribo Palm Hooked Soft Cotton Oslo Fern Hooked Soft Cotton Tokio Turquoise Hooked Soft Cotton Dublin Blue Hooked Soft Cotton Sydney Sea Hooked Soft Cotton Mexico Sky Hooked Soft Cotton Paris Jeans Hooked Soft Cotton Granada Lavender Hooked Soft Cotton Hanoi Plum Hooked Soft Cotton California Sand Hooked Soft Cotton Lisbon Tan Hooked Soft Cotton Caro Caramel Hooked Soft Cotton Havana Brown Hooked Soft Cotton Moscow White Hooked Soft Cotton Ibiza Ivory Hooked Soft Cotton New York Grey Hooked Soft Cotton Berlin Lava Hooked Soft Cotton London Charcoal Hooked Soft Cotton Boston Black

Patons 100% Cotton DK

A lovely mercerised, machine-washable cotton.

It is available in bold bright colours with a stunning shine.   Perfect for knitting and crocheting and is tightly spun so it won't fray as you work.

Double Knitting : 100% mercerised cotton : 100g ball : approx 200m : 3.25 - 4mm : Machine Washable

Patons 100% Cotton DK Red Patons 100% Cotton DK Tomato Patons 100% Cotton DK Pomegranate Patons 100% Cotton DK Bright Pink Patons 100% Cotton DK candy Patons 100% Cotton DK nougat Patons 100% Cotton DK Nectarine Patons 100% Cotton DK Yellow Patons 100% Cotton DK vanilla Patons 100% Cotton DK Apple Patons 100% Cotton DK Kiwi Patons 100% Cotton DK Green Patons 100% Cotton DK Pale Green Patons 100% Cotton DK Jade Patons 100% Cotton DK Peacock Patons 100% Cotton DK Pale Blue Patons 100% Cotton DK Denim Patons 100% Cotton DK Delta Patons 100% Cotton DK Royal Patons 100% Cotton DK Navy Patons 100% Cotton DK Fuchsia Patons 100% Cotton DK Purple Patons 100% Cotton DK Lilac Patons 100% Cotton DK Cream Patons 100% Cotton DK Limestone Patons 100% Cotton DK Almond Patons 100% Cotton DK Raffia Patons 100% Cotton DK Taupe Patons 100% Cotton DK Brownie Patons 100% Cotton DK Black Patons 100% Cotton DK White

Patons Fab DK

The 100% acrylic Fab DK all-purpose mid weight yarn.

This is one of the most famous from the Patons range - which is not surprising since it comes in a broad palette of colours, is machine washable and great value for money.  A versatile yarn, it knits up quickly and economically for all kinds of knitting and crochet projects.  Especially famous for cute and cuddly toys!

Double Knitting : 100% acrylic : 100g ball : approx 274m : Machine Washable

Patons Fab DK Aqua Patons Fab DK Breeze Patons Fab DK Clown Patons Fab DK Fruity Patons Fab DK Rainbow Patons Fab DK Raspbery Patons Fab DK Jeans Patons Fab DK Navy Denim Patons Fab DK Black Denim Patons Fab DK Natural Tweed Patons Fab DK Charcoal Tweed


Meet Scheepjes MIGHTY! This super strong yet soft yarn with an undeniably gentle touch is perfect for creating practical accessories for all occasions.  Because of the robust style and eco-flair, this yarn creates unique, long-lasting pieces with a natural, textured quality, and offers you a colour palette of neutral and earthy unicolours, two-tone twisted blends, and two indigo shades.
This natural, wastewater created and plant-based yarn fuses the extreme durability, tensile strength and sturdiness of Jute fibre with the softness of Cotton, allowing you to make usable accessories, such as handbags and homeware items, that will withstand frequent use and last a lifetime.  It is purpose-made for creating accessories that will have the capacity to carry a lot of weight.
MIGHTY is a 32% Jute and 68% Cotton blend with a yarn weight of Sport.  Each ball of yarn weighs 50g and is 80m long.  Recommended needle/hook size is 4-5mm.  Gauge is 10 x 10cm, which is 19 stitches x 25 rows.  Available in 11 shades.

Scheepjes Mighty Ice Scheepjes Mighty Stone Scheepjes Mighty Oak Scheepjes Mighty Scheepjes Mighty Scheepjes Mighty Scheepjes Mighty Scheepjes Mighty Scheepjes Mighty Scheepjes Mighty Scheepjes Mighty

Pegasus Craft Cotton

♥ 100% cotton available in White or Natural
♥ 100g ball
♥ Great for dishcloths, scrubbies and flannels
♥ Eco Bathroom Crochet Pattern available

Eco friendly Bathroom Set
Click on the picture for more details.