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My Crochet work.

Some of my Crochet Work

Clematis William Kennett - the crocheted version
I made this for a Summer Challenge at our local Craft and Lace Group. However, when I started it I didn't expect it to take all summer.
Clematis crochet pattern now available.
Fairy Doll
A Fairy which won 1st place in a "Dress the Doll" competition.
I made this Story Sack for a local school. The book is in Welsh and is known as "Farmer Duck" in the English version.
Orange Skirt Set
My orange skirt set. I dyed the thread myself and it didn't turn out quite as planned!!! However, it still matched the fabric.
An Apple for the Teacher pencil pot
An "Apple for the Teacher" pencil pot.
The free Apple Pencil Pot Pattern is available to download.
Humpty Dumpty
Use them either as toys or leave the base off and use as egg cosies. The free Humpty Dumpty crochet pattern is available to download.
Crocheted QR Code
I generated a QR code online then crocheted this to display when I went to Alexandra Palace in London to demonstrate Tulip crochet hooks.
Try it out!
Rainbow Caterpillar
The free Rainbow Caterpillar crochet pattern is available to download.
A Christmas Suncatcher, made for a Christmas ornament competition and won 2nd prize. Sorry, no pattern available.
Halloween Baskets crochet pattern
The Halloween Basket Collection.
Buy the pattern on Halloween Horrors.
Crochet Tartan Rug
The Tartan Rug I made for my parents Wedding Anniversary. It is a combination of "Jones" from Mum's side and "Butler" from Dad's side.
A filet fairy from a Crochet-Along by Ferosa.
I designed the matching Toadstools and there is a free Toadstool pattern.