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Learn to Crotat

Taking the Stitches off the Hook

This is known as "Closing the Ring" (clr) and takes a little bit of practice.  You may not be able to do it first time - I couldn’t!   Sometimes I still get it wrong and have to remake all the stitches.

Close Ring (clr)

Closing the ring step 1
1.  Anchor the yarn around your little finger.

Closing the ring step 2
2.  Wrap the yarn around the hook

Closing the ring step 3
3.  Carefully bunch the stitches up to the end of the hook.

Bunching the stitches up tight together makes them looser on the hook and easier to draw the yarn through.

Closing the ring step 4
4.  Hold the stitches underneath the hook with your thumb and 2nd finger.  Do not hold the hook itself.

Closing the ring step 5
5.  Slowly draw the yarn through, rolling the hook between you right fingers and thumb as you do so.  This helps prevent the head catching on the stitches.

Don’t worry about getting the fingers on your left hand caught in the yarn - they are supposed to.  This is to prevent the yarn being pulled through as you will need the loop in a minute.

Closing the ring step 6
6.  When the head is through safely, push the loop along the hook

Closing the ring step 7
7.  Slip the loop from your fingers and place it on to the hook.

Closing the ring step 8
8.  Pull up the first loop on the hook so that the stitches fit snugly together.

Closing the ring step 9
9.  Push the two loops together and hold the ring firmly in place with your left hand.

Closing the ring step 10
10.  Pull the working end through tightening the first loop

Closing the ring step 11
11.  So that they both sit snugly on the hook.

Closing the ring step 12
12.  Yarn over hook and draw through both loops on the hook.


You have completed your first Crotat ring

Butterfly step 1
Ring 2: Work 4 ds, picot, and another 4 ds,

Butterfly step 2
then close as for the first ring.

Butterfly step 3

Ring 3 is the same as ring 2 and Ring 4 is the same as ring 1.

To fasten off, just cut the end and pull it through as you would for any other crocheted piece.

To make the antennae, tie the two ends together and cut them to size.

Next we are going to learn about Joining Picots >>>>>>