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Learn to Crochet.

Almost all crochet starts with a base or foundation chain.  This is the same as "casting on" in knitting.  The foundation chain is a series of chain stitches which normally begin with a loop secured by a slip knot.

Slip Knot

Slip Knot 1



Make a loop, hook another loop through it.

Slip Knot 2



Tighten gently and slide the knot up to the hook.

Chain Stitch (ch)

Chain Stitch 1



yoh, (which is actually winding the hook under the yarn from the front.)

Chain Stitch 2



Draw the yarn through to form a new loop.

Keep moving your left hand close to the hook every two of stitches or so.  This keeps the work easy to control.

Chain Stitch 3 Chain Stitch 4

<<<<<< Front

Back >>>>>>

To count the chains correctly, do not count the loop on the hook.
To count afterwards, make sure the chain is not twisted and you are looking at the front.
Ignore the loop still on the hook.

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