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Rainbow Valley Shop

Rainbow Valley hosts a selection of events for all ages.

There is a dedicated teaching area and Wi-Fi for any laptops, tablets or phones.  The shop, teaching area and kitchen are wheelchair accessible although the bathroom facilities are not.

If you are interested for using the shop and/or for your own workshop or event, please contact me.
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Saturday Workshops

I am in the process of arranging a variety of workshops on a variety of subjects.
Please see the Saturday Workshops page for more information.

Weekly Classes

I hold regular weekly classes, currently only in crochet but other subjects may follow.
These are for all levels. Please see the Weekly Classes page for more information.

Craft & Chat Drop-ins

These are for anybody who like some company while they craft.
More information can be found on the Craft & Chat page.

After School Clubs

After school Clubs will be running during term time with additional activities during school holidays.
For more information please see the After School Clubs page.