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Stylecraft Special Colour Chart

Please note: Stylecraft is only available to buy in all inclusive kits and not as individual balls.

Available in DK and Aran

1035 burgundy 1246 lipstick 1080-palerose 1023-raspberry 1061-plum 1711-spice 1029-copper 1005-cream 1020-lemon 1081-saffron 1709-gold 1822-pistachio 1065-meadow 1027-khaki 1725-sage 1422-aspen 1062-teal 1829-empire 1019-cloudblue 1003-aster 1117-royal 1011-midnight 1722-storm-blue 1302-denim 1188-lavender 1425-emperor 1218-parchment 1420-camel 1004-darkbrown 1001-white 1203-silver 1063-graphite 1002-black

Available in DK only

1123 claret 1010 matador 1241-fondant 1390-clematis 1084-magenta 1240-softpeach 1026-apricot 1836-vintagepeach 1132-shrimp 1723-tomato 1263-citron 1114-sunshine 1823-mustard 1712-lime 1316-springgreen 1821-grassgreen 1826-kellygreen 1116-green 1820-duckegg 1724-parmaviolet 1082-bluebell 1825-lobelia 1710-stone 1064-mocha 1054-walnut 1099-grey 1256-jaffa