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Original and pretty Stitch Markers only available from the Yarn Yard

Important!  Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully before placing an order.

Postage & Packing information

Stitch Markers

The Lobster clasps are 21mm x 12mm. The charm sizes are above the picture.
For every 5 you buy, one extra will be added to your order free of charge.
Click on the picture to add to your Basket.

Wizard Hat Stitchmarker Owl Stitchmarker Broom Stitchmarker Dragon Stitchmarker Glasses Stitchmarker Key Stitchmarker
Snowflake 1 Stitchmarker Snowflake 2 Stitchmarker Snowflake 3 Stitchmarker Snowflake 4 Stitchmarker Snowflake 5 Stitchmarker Snowflake 6 Stitchmarker Christmas Tree 1 Stitchmarker Christmas Tree 2 Stitchmarker Christmas Tree 3 Stitchmarker Christmas Tree 4 Stitchmarker Christmas Tree 5 Stitchmarker Mittens Stitchmarker Stocking 1 Stitchmarker Stocking 2 Stitchmarker Snowman Stitchmarker
Believe in Love Stitchmarker Carved Heart Stitchmarker Rose Heart Stitchmarker Love Stitchmarker
Butterfly Stitchmarker Teddybear Stitchmarker Cat Stitchmarker Bone Stitchmarker Sheep Stitchmarker Dolphin Stitchmarker Sea Horse Stitchmarker
Apple Stitchmarker Seashell Stitchmarker Flower Stitchmarker Leaf Stitchmarker Cowboy Boot Stitchmarker Skull Stitchmarker Smile Stitchmarker Horseshoe Stitchmarker Footprint Stitchmarker Well Behaved Stitchmarker Flower & Leaf Stitchmarker Flowery Hat Stitchmarker Sunflower Stitchmarker Telephone Stitchmarker Music Stitchmarker Star Stitchmarker Sunshine Stitchmarker