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Welcome to Rainbow Valley

I make String Pretty!

Would you like to learn how to crochet? Or improve your existing skills?
Come to my Saturday Workshops or Weekly Lessons

Helen Free, designer and textile artist.

I am Helen Free and I design unique crochet patterns under the name of Enfys.

Have a look around, enjoy yourselves and while you are here, buy some of my original crochet patterns.

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Featured In

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New Pattern ~ Owl Bag

Cute Owl rucksack for children 0 to 99
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Going International
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The full set of wall hangings are finished.
Four Seasons Wall Hangings
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New Free Pattern

Gingerbread Man


Visit my Blog!
Colours of Enfys Blog


If you have any queries, please get in touch.

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Some of my patterns are now available as kits.
Original Enfys Crochet Kits for Sale
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Crotat Videos now on YouTube
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I have a fun Flag Counter below which shows the flags of all of the countries of the people who have visited.
Unfortunately, as with a few other things on this site, it doesn't work with IE9.
I changed my browser to Chrome a while back and it is so much better!


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